Firefly Lab

Firefly Lab aka “The Lab” is a CPD accredited training programme to empower educators to enrich their teaching – so every student can reach their full potential.

When refering to The Lab you should always say "Firefly Lab" or "The Firefly Lab" first time then "The Lab" after that. If you've included the full logo — on the cover of a document or presentation, for example — the it's fine to just say "The Lab".

Just like the name, there's a couple of versions of The Lab logo: full and concise. Both should always be used in full colour.

# Colours

The Lab branding uses Firefly Red and Dark Grey from the core Firefly brand colours.

In addition, Lab specific colours are used as background elements either as block colours or as tints for b&w images.

# Images

Some pre-tinted images are available to make creating The Lab branded items as easy as possible. Hi-res versions of these are availble in resources