All of our printed collateral is based around a 3-column grid structure to allow an optimum balance of imagery and copy with white space. This increases both the legibility and clarity of the message by not overloading our layouts with too much content.

A quick reference to setting up your grid for common document sizes.
Size Top, left and right margin Bottom margin Grid gutter
A1 (Portrait) 40mm 50mm 15mm
A2 (Portrait) 30mm 40mm 12mm
A3 (Portrait) 20mm 30mm 10mm
A4 (Portrait) 12mm 15mm 8mm
A5 (Portrait) 10mm 15mm 6mm
A6 (Landscape) 8mm 10mm 5mm
DL 10mm 15mm 6mm

Bespoke sizes, such as those required for press ads, are at the designer’s discretion, but a common sense approach to visual consistency should be used in each instance.

For narrower formats, such as DL leaflets, a single column should be used with standard type sizes.

Landscape variations of larger document sizes are used sparingly, but these should adhere to the 3-column grid structure where possible.