Our values

What we value in those that work for us is a key part of our brand; they define the experience you get when you interact with us.

# Partnership

We are an organisation built on mutual respect and a desire to succeed as a team. We communicate with empathy and challenge each other in healthy debate.

# Learning

We recognise reflection, curiosity and self-improvement are critical to navigating a rapidly changing world and industry.

# Delighting our clients

Our work impacts schools, teachers, students and parents – we want to exceed, not just meet, their expectations. We’ll help, even if it’s not our responsibility.

# Craft

We’re proud of the quality and aesthetic of what we produce and value the enjoyment in creating it. We always get the job done and ensure that longevity and continuous improvement are built in from the start.

# Saying no

Finishing one thing well, is better than doing three things badly. We focus on our best idea, even if it means saying no to other perfectly good ones.

# Making smart, tough decisions

We value knowledge and diverse experience that enables our team to arrive at informed decisions and communicate them thoughtfully – even if it’s difficult.

# Building a world-beating team

We invest in people with diverse backgrounds, talents and aspirations. A world-beating team of the best people is supported, trusted and accountable – a unique competitive advantage.