The Firefly typeface is Titillium. It is an Open Type font and is available for both Mac and PC. It is the first choice for print, web and on-screen displays. When not available, the alternative font is Arial.

# Which styles do I use?

Titillium is available in multiple styles and weights. If you're not a designer, then feel free to use whatever styles and weights you see fit. Although we'd ask to you avoid Thin and Black. You may find it useful to stick with Regular, Italic and Bold as these will often be the default styles you see in apps like Keynote or Word.

For professional design, we use three weights of Titillium accross the web and print, these are:

  • Light and Light Italic for body copy
  • Semibold and Semibold Italic for sub headings
  • Bold and Bold Italic for main headings and bold body copy

Text should contrast with it's background and be set in either Dark Grey, Firefly Red or white.

# Akko Pro

Our old typeface, Akko Pro, is now retired. While it may still be in use both in print and on the web, new designs should always be created using Titillium so we gradually replace Akko with Titillium over time.

Exitsing designs that you wish to reprint should be kept as-is. For example, business cards set in Akko should continue to use Akko and only replaced when the business cards are redesigned.

# Use in Google products

You can use Titillium Web in Google Docs, Sheets and Slides. Simply select the More fonts... option from the font drop-down in Google apps and search for Titillium Web.

# Why Titillium?

Titillium was created by students at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Urbino in Italy. Each year, a few select typography students add-to and fix the font as part of their final year project.

We love the link Titillium has with education, and the ethos the school has in releasing the font under the SIL open font licence. This means others are free to distribute and modify the font as they wish. We think it's a great ambasador for brand Firefly.

Titillium was also chosen for its similarity to our old typeface Akko Pro. Meaning we can phase out Akko over time. See below for more information.

# Downloads

Titillium is available in brand resources.