The Firefly logo is central to our brand and must feature clearly and prominently in all our communications.

The standard Firefly Logo

# Variations

The preferred logo is the standard logo; it should be used wherever possible. However, when you can't use the standard version due to background or space constraints then there are some other options.

# Clear Space

To ensure that the logo appears prominently, an area of clear space should be kept all around it into which no object or page edge should encroach. This area should be at least the e-height (the height of the ‘e’ in the logo).

When the logo is applied to large scale materials (such as exhibition boards), these principles may be relaxed. However, it is important that it remains prominent and legible wherever it is placed.

# Sizing

The minimum recommended logo size is 8mm high. This is based on the height of the Firefly oval shape on both the horizontal and stacked versions of the logo. The logo should never appear smaller than this.

There is no maximum size at which the logo can be reproduced but this should be appropriate to the print process, design and the context in which it is used.

Although standard templates have been created for various items of collateral, to create consistency in the way the logo is used, please reference the table, below.

A full list of minimum logo heights on popular paper sizes.
Size Minimum logo height
A1 40mm
A2 28mm
A3 18mm
A4 12mm
A5 10mm
A6 (or smaller) 8mm
DL 10mm
Pull-up banner 150mm

# What not to do

Always use the logo files provided and never make any changes to them.

# Downloads

Logos are available in the core brand resources section.