The colour palette has been chosen to build a visual language that’s instantly Firefly. It’s designed to be flexible enough for you to use in new and exciting ways; all we ask is that you stick to the rules defined on this page!

# Primary colours

Firefly Red should always be the main colour used in all designs. To maintain its prominence and importance it should only ever be used at 100% strength and never as a tint or at lower opacity.

Its sister colour — Firefly Red dark — can be used to compliment Firefly Red when some contrast is required.

# Secondary Colours

These have been specially chosen to compliment Firefly Red and Firefly Red dark.

# Accent colours

These colours have been chosen as a counterpoint to Firefly Red. They are used for information delivery, such as for copy or within iconography. Tints are permitted, but should be used sparingly – consideration should be made for legibility and accessibility.

# Colour Rules