Formatting and bullet points

Keep the formatting between different documents regular.

# Formatting

The UI already has its own style and should refer to those rules. This section applies to any documents written by Firefly.


Use bold to indicate a screen element. Use the exact wording and capitalisation on the screen.


Use italics in sentences for emphasis. Don’t overuse them.


Use headings to separate different sections. Don’t add too many headings in a row without paragraph text in between.


Use in-line links for accessibility and screen readers. Links should be incorporated into the text. Don't use 'click here' or 'refer to this document', instead incoporate the link name into the sentence.


Don’t underline headings or for emphasis.

# Bullet points

Use bullet points to break up large blocks of texts. Bullets are easier to read and help highlight specific items in a list for the user. When using bulleted lists, follow these rules:

  • Use bulleted (unordered) lists or steps instead of large blocks of text.
  • Use parallel structure. This means each bullet should start with the same type of word (noun, verb) in the same tense and form, as with these bullets.
  • Use a colon at the end of the text to introduce the bulleted list.
  • Capitalise the first word of a bullet only if the bullet is a complete sentence or doesn’t have introductory text.
  • Use a full stop at the end of items in the bullet list that are complete sentences.
  • Keep the bulleted items of similar length and sentence style. If one bullet is a complete sentence, all of the rest should be as well.