Firefly terminology

Write in user-friendly terminology. Remember that our users are students, teachers and parents before they are Firefly users.

Using the correct terminology keeps our language accessible and adaptable for users on different devices. It also prevents confusion caused by talking about Firefly with overly technical terms.

# General terms

  • Use Firefly Learning to refer to the company; Firefly refers to the product.
  • Use ‘EdTech’ not ‘edtech’, ‘ed-tech’ or ‘Edutech’.
  • Use ‘select’ or ‘choose’, not ‘click on’ or ‘click’.
  • Use ‘enter’ not ‘type’.
  • Refer to ‘Firefly’ or ‘Firefly on the web’ to distinguish from the apps. Don’t use ‘Firefly webapp’.

# Terms in the product

  • Don’t use the terms ‘widget’ or ‘component’. On a dashboard, describe the widgets as ‘sections’. On a page, you add a poll, table, file or other option, don’t use the term ‘widget’.
  • Use 'theme', not 'template'.
  • Refer to the ‘task history’ not the ‘task response event feed’.
  • Refer to the user as ‘your’ in the UI, for example ‘Your tasks’ not ‘My tasks’.
  • Say that errors occurred, they were not thrown.