Copy at Firefly

It’s important to keep Firefly language consistent, clear and succinct across all areas of the company.

When our communication is focused and direct, it's easier for our customers to understand what Firefly is. Consistency across all mediums creates a recognisable voice, so readers have a smooth experience unmarred by changes in tone.

# Using the guidelines

The Firefly Copy Guidelines should be applied standardly across the company. For the product, this includes:

  • buttons
  • field names
  • descriptions
  • page and window titles
  • error messages

For marketing, this includes:

  • campaigns
  • videos
  • emails
  • other collateral

For the client experience team, this includes:

  • the Help Centre
  • the Firefly Learning Community
  • lightbulb messages
  • release communications
  • technical communications
  • training materials

If you're writing something a customer can see, refer to these guidelines.

# Suggesting changes

The Firefly Copy Guidelines are open to change. If you want to suggest a change or add a rule to the style guide, please send these suggestions to Katarina. All changes will be considered and discussed with any necessary members of the team.

# Looking beyond the guidelines

This guide is a work in progress which tackles the most prominent issues and will become more complex as time goes by. However, larger companies have full style guides (100+ pages) that cover many scenarios and situations that we haven't encountered yet. As such, the Microsoft Style Guide acts as a base for our documentation.

The Microsoft Style Guide should be used as a back up. If something isn’t mentioned in the Firefly Copy Guidelines, refer to the Microsoft one for guidance and let Katarina know which pages or issues you referenced.